Wednesday, November 04, 2009


More sock knitting is on the needles, and these are nice and shiny needles. Green metal needles with a nice sharp point.
2.25 mm, and wonderful to knit with, although I have to say the knitting with DPN's takes a bit of practice again. Before I moved here I had never heard of the "magic loop" method my knitting was only done on 5 needles.
But these little sticks are awesome!! now I can't wait until they make the circular needles. Also on the needles and almost done is my Vine Yoke Cardigan, almost there only a few more pattern repeats and the button band. Right now it looks like a weird blob but when it is all stitched up and buttons attached it is going to be a nice warm cardigan to wear to school.

We went to DS school for the parent teacher conference, waited for his Math/Science teacher, talked to her, and DH discussed the "Problem Of the Week" homework with her. I just sat in my chair and smiled, they went into a discussion about the different solutions for some of the problems and the credit DS does not get for it, while his answer is correct. Math is DH passion and he is the designated math helper at home.
We waited and waited and waited for the ELA/social Science teacher, I regretted that I did not bring my knitting. After half an hour wait and with DH and DS spending time and money in the book fair we gave up waiting.
His report card is very good and we are two happy and proud parents.

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NOu ja wat stom hoe maakt het nu uit hoe hij zijn antwoord berekend, het gaat er toch om dat het antwoord goed is.

Groetjes Anita