Sunday, November 22, 2009

sock knitting denial

For the last week I have been knitting on a nice sock, lace pattern, 24 row repeat, not easy to memorize. I loved it, but after finishing the heel, there was this nagging feeling I would run out of yarn with the second one. But of course I kept knitting, my Saturday night was spend knitting and knowing I was never going to finish this pair, ever. But I kept on going, knitters denial.
Of course DH and DS laughed and were ready to rip it, they had plenty of arguments of saving the project, like finishing the other sock with the same yarn, not going to happen, this is a mill end STR.
Knitting the feet of the socks with another color of the same yarn, "are you crazy??"
Bottom line, the sock needs to go, I for one loose interest if it doesn't turns out the way I want it to be.
To make a long story short, my ninja came in and pulled out the scale.

See half a sock knitted including a killer heel I might ad, 2 ounces.
Not added, size 10 feet still to be knitted

left over on the ball, 3 ounces.
By socks, by nice pattern, this yarn is destined to become something else.

Also on the needles, a sweater for me, enough yarn for this one and if it does not fit me, there is always someone on this planet who will.

And to make up for the sock, there was a skein of gifted (Thanks Megpie!!) SPARKLY yarn that was laughing at me and screaming to be knitted up in a nice scarf.
Only two days of going to work this week, Wednesday is reserved for cleaning house and some cooking, Thursday is Turkey day!!


Anonymous said...

Lekker weekje dus voor de boeg alleen kan ik me niet voorstellen dat jullie een turk in de oven gaan doen.

Groetjes Anta

CoasterMeg said...

I obviously need to come to your blog more often... I didn't realize you had already started working with the Rayon Metallic yummy stuff... GORgeous!!