Sunday, November 29, 2009


It is Sunday, the last of the five days of not working (At our places of work that is, where they are actually paying us) We started the day of with a nice drive through the back roads. Sorry, I did not bring the camera. We stopped of course for some hot chocolate/strawberry milk/coffee on the way. Once home we made ourselves a nice lunch and again after lunch it was time for the soda-launch. Today was not as windy as yesterday and it worked much better.
Boys happy with a successful experiment and Mom happy the soda is gone!

Also started and finished this weekend, new fingerless mittens for ME this time!! Love the pattern, it is called Cancans and you can find it here.

Tomorrow it is back to work, and the start of our Secret Santa. Every year I find it so much fun to "surprise" my "victim" with little presents. It is the best part of the weeks that lead up to Christmas at work. We all sneak around with things hidden under sweaters and in bags, stalk out hall ways to see if nobody is there that can give you away. I fully enjoy this.

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