Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend, where did it go??

I know it was weekend, two days of from work, payed for work that is. Saturdays are usually for cleaning and laundry etc. etc. The boys took care of the garden yesterday and today, while I did load after load of laundry, changed the beds and did my exercise cleaning the bathrooms and gave DS tub a good scrub.
After this was all done we deserved some coffee/hot chocolate and drove over to the "bucks".
Did I mention I love Peppermint Mocha, and it is in season again??

After the gardening frenzy was over, I screwed on my Macro lens on the camera and headed outside, trying to find a nice size spider that would hold still long enough for me to take a close-up of it's smiling face. But of course no luck. I did find a little fly on the wall and some Roley poly's running around.

Amazing little critters those Roley poly's.
On Friday my Vine Yoke cardigan was finished, it was blocked that night and today it was dry and ready for it first outing. Of course I cast on for another sweater right away!!
What??? three pair of socks on the needles and one pair of mittens is not enough?? There is this theory that if you don't listen to your inner voice to cast on for yet another project one might explode!!


CoasterMeg said...

That sweater came out simply lovely! You need to show it off on Thursday... and we'll want to touch the needles again, of course...

anita said...

Hey Meg, I hope my sister behaves herself on Thursday.

Doortje leuk vest hoor, kun je die ook in inimini maken (hihhihihiih)

Groetjes Anita

Renee said...

Your sweater is lovely! I fully understand - no matter how many projects I have on the needles I need at least one of them to be a sweater or cardi. Happy knitting!!