Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas break

It is official, Christmas break has started!! The days before the break are always so busy. Preparing presents for everybody. I made everybody an ornament. Sorry, no pics, due to crammed days full of other projects.

Friday was (of course) "wear your Santa hat day" and I wore my Elf-hat from the Santa's Elf hat project. Look here I am reading the Dutch version of "hop on pop" while the kids read the English version. They love to hear a different language, and try to repeat. Always very fun, especially the Dutch "G" sounding words.

There was also one more project to be finished before Christmas eve, a pair of "princess mittens" for a little girl. I added some sparkly beads just for fun and they are of course Opera length. If you are a princess you want your fingerless mittens to be long, pink and with beads of course.
They will be delivered to Santa tomorrow.

The first Monday of our break was spend cleaning house and doing laundry followed by more cleaning and even more laundry tomorrow.
I really wish the cleaning fairies would pay us a visit tonight.

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