Wednesday, December 09, 2009


I made sure Santa checked his list twice this past Saturday. You never know if he forgets that one certain family member in our household (cough, cough).

It has happened before that he forgot somebody, not naming any names here.
I do remember that twice (yes, people you are reading it right) Santa or in this case his Dutch version "Sinterklaas" forgot to put a present in his bag.

The first time Sinterklaas forgot to bring the present for "she-who's-name-we-are-not-mentioning" at his home in Spain. Everybody in her family was excited about their presents and nibbling on their Chocolate letters, while she sat there and looked around.

The following year while distributing little notes with names on them, so Sinterklaas' helpers could find presents for the person on their notes, "she-who's-name-we-are-not-mentioning" was not included in the notes. And again she did not receive a present.
This was the last year Sinterklaas was celebrated and she moved on to Santa Claus who arrives on a sleigh pulled by reindeer through the sky. Much more believable that a guy who arrives by boat and rides his horse over the rooftops.

This year she knows she is getting something from Santa, his helper just by mistake send the e-mail conformation on her present to her mail address.

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Anonymous said...

I was exited, i found the perfect gift for - she-who's-name-we-are-not- mentioning.
I put it in the most beautifull sinterklaas paper.
Made a poem to go with it, bought te chocolate letter, the one she likes the most.
I was happy, I was looking forward on seeing her face when she saw what was in the precent
And I forgot it, I left it at home on the secret spot so she-who's-name-we-are-not-mentioning could not find it.
And I'm still sorry for that.

Greeting your only-hard-to-get-rit-of sister Anita