Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Our Christmas Eve was spend with our "adoptive" Family. Of course there was good food, good company, presents for the children and the adults had lots of fun and laughter with a white Elephant gift exchange. Hours of fun guaranteed.
Once home we unwrapped our own gifts.

Of course DS had to have his favorite beverage while getting rid of all that wrapping paper from those pesky boxes he had been eying over the weeks.

While DH and DS played with their presents, I casted on for a hat for DH. No double knitting this time (never again, I don't like double knitting)

Today we spend the day indoors, just enjoying time spend with our little family and playing games. Found out DH is not that good in obstacle courses, what in turn drove DS and me into tears from laughing.
One week is already gone, one more to go before we go back to work.

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