Thursday, December 31, 2009

Part 3

Promise, these are the last pictures from yesterday (the fishy part that is) it is only a selection from the around 300 pictures I took. Hooray for the digital SLR and the "delete" button!!

Otters did not want to cooperate for a shoot, and did not want to sit still (but that's OK) we love them anyway. We where there for feeding time, but with so many people around there was no way I could come close enough for taking pictures.

The Kelp forest:

and then this guy, I am thinking it is a guy, because of his split lip. He probably was in a fight over a nice girl, not to mention the little "tuft" of "hair on his head! He kept looking at us, following us around, even if we moved to the other side.

We had our hands stamped for re-entry, and went for lunch here, Bubba Gump's
Lucky us we found a spot right away, because we are game for sitting in the bar area.

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