Sunday, December 27, 2009


A nice lazy Sunday we had, with some knitting, reading, more knitting and somewhere in there, I squeezed in an hour of exercise.

And in the afternoon our doorbell rang, our little neighbor girl inquiring if we had seen one of her cats. We see them all the time because they have a habit of having our yard (front and back) as residence.
She told me she had not seen one of the cats for days, searched for her and heard something from our garage. So we both ventured out and opened the door.
Low and behold kitty was in there, must have been ever since DS and DH raked the yard on Thursday!!

Once out of her hiding place/prison, (not so) domesticated kitty skidded across the yard out of view. I so do hope she comes back home for food, and does not disappear in someones garage again.

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Anonymous said...

Hey 1 voordeel als je al muizen had dan ben je die nu wel kwijt.

Groetjes Anita