Saturday, January 30, 2010

Crazy hats and Rain

We had Crazy Hat day on Friday, of course there had to be a new hat to be worn, can't wear the viking or the turkey but yet again. So on Monday the pattern was chosen and I cast on for this creature. By Thursday night he was finished, I wanted to add some teeth but decided later not to.
It was a big success at school, not such a big success at middle school while waiting in the pickup line (I had fun, certain children where a bit embarrassed)

And after two or more, seriously I lost count, days of rain it was sunny today. And look what the rain did, it made everything nice and green and yellow. Don't get me wrong, I love the rain and it did not have to stop on my account.

But nature sure does look more cheerful when it has pretty colors!!

We stopped for lunch and even sat outdoors in the sunshine.

And my ray of sunshine even managed a smile in front of the camera!!

Tomorrow I'll post a pic of my second finished Ulmus shawl, as soon as it is dry from blocking.
Life at work is crazy at the moment with the new Math program almost ready for kick-off, not to mention all the other things that still have to be done. Posting on my blog was put to the back burner a bit, but I'll promise to post more regular, now things are slowing down (a bit)
For tonight I am going to frog a sweater and start something new. I'll tell that sweater story another time.

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