Friday, January 01, 2010

New year

Happy New year!!
We celebrated last night with a special drink for DS, a good movie followed by some Wii games.

My muscles are sore all over my body and I now know that Tennis is absolutely not my best game on the wii. Bowling on the other hand is a bit better.
DS had almost tumbled of the couch when was revealed that my Wii-age is 74, yep, nothing better than a computer to remind you that you are getting old.

And just to remind us where we live, here is a nice sign we ran across the other day.

Today we just stayed home, called family to wish them a happy new year and of course a nice new pair of mittens was started in honor of NaKniMitMo.
They are a pleasure to knit out of the softest baby alpaca ever, and very very warm.

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