Sunday, January 31, 2010


Here it is, another Ulmus shawl, different colors and this time I read the pattern right. Although I have to say, the not correct version is nice too.

Tomorrow back to work, weekends always go way to fast, and what do I do during those two days? Beside cleaning, doing laundry and cooking? There is a workout and some knitting, maybe a little driving around after getting lunch on one of the days. And before you can blink your eyes it is over, poof gone!
Oh, and not to mention the research DS and I have done on his Egypt project on Hieroglyphs, and this is only the beginning of this paper, it still has to be written.
Problem with this is that I love history, and go way beyond what is asked and think that everybody loves it as much as I do.
Still he has to write his own paper and hopefully this mother did not overdose him with history lessons.

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