Sunday, February 21, 2010


Some random pictures from my hometown, just for the fun of it.

Meanwhile, the knitting continues while watching the Olympics.

Knitting on the airplane

I had no trouble knitting on the airplane, both ways. Lucky me, I was not really prepared to hand over my needles with a half finished sock on it. No matter what kind of needles it are.
I had to open my bag at the airport on the way back and although there was a strange look, no comment was made. But I could see him think "what the ..... is that"? Here they are, one sock almost finished on the way there and one sock almost done on the way back. If you really want to finish a pair of socks I highly recommend taking a trip, have lots of delays and broken plains, de-icing of plains etc. Makes for a very good stress relief.

People around me know me well, my birthday present from my sister, with enough yarn to knit this lovely cardigan!! Can't wait to start but have some baby-knitting to do first. There are some showers in my future.
And this from Jan, lovely wollmeisse, easy knits, and cones of lace soooooo soft!! My brain is already thinking of plenty of patterns to knit a lace project.

And from my sisters' mother-in-law, two balls of sock yarn and this wonderful book full of cute critters to knit, perfect for baby-gift-knitting and my own entertainment. I love knitting little animals.
In the mean time I did start another Helena cardigan for Kinley, could not help myself, the girl is Uber-cute!! (see I am starting to use words my DS uses all the time! teenagers!!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

just a few more

A few more pictures from my little trip.
The flowers at the market look so cheery in winter. Stores with apartments above, the buildings have changed a lot since my last visit!
My favorite pastry, Tompoezen.

No comment on this one, just a little store (ahum)

Lief! one of the cutest stores ever, if I had enough money I would buy every single article in this store even though I don't need little kids stuff. The bags are pretty awesome too! And look at the tags, little wooden shoes.

One of my favorite names lately!

Yeah, no comment on this one either, jeans anyone?

Friday, February 19, 2010

back home

I am back home after a three day visit to The Netherlands, it was short waaaay to short!
not counting the Sunday arrival, many many hours later than planned due to plane difficulties.
After three (yes) planes with "technical difficulties" I did question my own sanity and luck. But I did make it that Sunday!! wow. With no plane leaving from Chicago to Amsterdam on Saturday they just re-booked me on a Washington DC bound for the next day at 11 am. I just about turned around and went back home, and then it was there, a flight going to Frankfurt, in my book Frankfurt is closer to Amsterdam than DC. So I begged and pleaded, they let me on and got me a connecting flight from Frankfurt to Amsterdam.
Once in Frankfurt the drama continued, another defect plane, a bus ride out to "somewhere on the airport" waiting in the cold to board the plane. On the plus side it was snowing and I did enjoy standing outside with the snow in my face. About an hour later I could hug my family.

We spend three days wandering around town, I did visit my Ravelry friend Jan and toured the school he teaches at.
It was so much fun to meet him after being Ravelry friends for about a year and a half! I just know that if there was time we could have talked about knitting the whole day. He is just the nicest person and I know this is going to be a friendship for years to come.
And I got lots of knitting presents!! lovely lace yarn and a skein of Wolmeisse!! (pictures of yarn to come tomorrow)

In the mean time this little guy thinks I live at Schiphol, and come from a plane (like he "comes" from his Mom) He loved to wake me up in the morning and crawl into bed with me. We had very good conversations about his friends and life as a three year old. Here he is posing for me and practicing his "angry" look.

My sister also celebrated her birthday on the same day as we celebrated mine. Hey, there is only one day in between us and we celebrated just like the "old" days together. Here she is unwrapping her present. We partied the whole day long!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby it cold out here!

Guess where I am!! It is cold out here and there is SNOW!! I love it, my wish came true. First thing I did when getting out off my dad´s car is throwing a big snowball.
Meet my little nephew Kylian (top picture) and little "tompoesen" a pastry that I absolutely love.

Look at the little cars that drive here, theeheee I forgot how narrow the streets are here.

My Dad in the middle of the street, and look no cars. AMAZING
I got to meet my little niece Kinley, wearing a self knitted hat

This is the street I grew up in, we moved here when I was five and my parents still live in the same house. I remember coming home from school driving my bike as fast as possible and then flying up the curb into the driveway. The house is on the left hand side. More pictures to follow!!

Right now the coffee is ready.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tiny toothpaste

A while ago I did some test knitting, and one of the things to knit was this tiny tube of toothpaste.
Isn't it cute? I know my boys don't agree with me, but I love knitting these things. The patterns also includes a violin, elephant and corn.

Again this week was a very busy week, with afternoon meetings and the whirlwind of starting up the new Math program in the Computer lab.
And today? it was raining, perfect for doing some laundry and while vacuuming I found that cleaning the birdcage was in order too.
The bird had other ideas, he found that this day was the perfect day to escape and with a loud "tweeting" (insert a bird version of neenerneenerneener)Mr. Bluewie went flying.
The rest of the afternoon he watched us from high above the curtain rod, every once in a while switching windows.
He will sit on my hand, but as soon as I make a beeline for his cage he laughs and flies of again.
Finally we got him to sit on top of his cage, and there Mister Bluewie remains (until now) we are very hopeful he will get hungry very soon and go inside.

Tomorrow it is Superbowl Sunday, I just googled it, I had no idea who is playing. Oh, well we are just watching for the commercials anyway!