Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Baby it cold out here!

Guess where I am!! It is cold out here and there is SNOW!! I love it, my wish came true. First thing I did when getting out off my dad´s car is throwing a big snowball.
Meet my little nephew Kylian (top picture) and little "tompoesen" a pastry that I absolutely love.

Look at the little cars that drive here, theeheee I forgot how narrow the streets are here.

My Dad in the middle of the street, and look no cars. AMAZING
I got to meet my little niece Kinley, wearing a self knitted hat

This is the street I grew up in, we moved here when I was five and my parents still live in the same house. I remember coming home from school driving my bike as fast as possible and then flying up the curb into the driveway. The house is on the left hand side. More pictures to follow!!

Right now the coffee is ready.

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