Saturday, February 20, 2010

just a few more

A few more pictures from my little trip.
The flowers at the market look so cheery in winter. Stores with apartments above, the buildings have changed a lot since my last visit!
My favorite pastry, Tompoezen.

No comment on this one, just a little store (ahum)

Lief! one of the cutest stores ever, if I had enough money I would buy every single article in this store even though I don't need little kids stuff. The bags are pretty awesome too! And look at the tags, little wooden shoes.

One of my favorite names lately!

Yeah, no comment on this one either, jeans anyone?

1 comment:

jayaycee said...

Oh my gosh, that jeans picture looks mighty uncomfortable. What a hoot! Great pictures. The little wooden shoes on the tag are the cutest.