Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knitting on the airplane

I had no trouble knitting on the airplane, both ways. Lucky me, I was not really prepared to hand over my needles with a half finished sock on it. No matter what kind of needles it are.
I had to open my bag at the airport on the way back and although there was a strange look, no comment was made. But I could see him think "what the ..... is that"? Here they are, one sock almost finished on the way there and one sock almost done on the way back. If you really want to finish a pair of socks I highly recommend taking a trip, have lots of delays and broken plains, de-icing of plains etc. Makes for a very good stress relief.

People around me know me well, my birthday present from my sister, with enough yarn to knit this lovely cardigan!! Can't wait to start but have some baby-knitting to do first. There are some showers in my future.
And this from Jan, lovely wollmeisse, easy knits, and cones of lace soooooo soft!! My brain is already thinking of plenty of patterns to knit a lace project.

And from my sisters' mother-in-law, two balls of sock yarn and this wonderful book full of cute critters to knit, perfect for baby-gift-knitting and my own entertainment. I love knitting little animals.
In the mean time I did start another Helena cardigan for Kinley, could not help myself, the girl is Uber-cute!! (see I am starting to use words my DS uses all the time! teenagers!!)

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jayaycee said...

Isn't it great when your birthday allows you to feed your knitting addiction? Used birthday cash last time to buy a yarn ball winder which I dearly love. Happy knitting!!!