Saturday, February 06, 2010

Tiny toothpaste

A while ago I did some test knitting, and one of the things to knit was this tiny tube of toothpaste.
Isn't it cute? I know my boys don't agree with me, but I love knitting these things. The patterns also includes a violin, elephant and corn.

Again this week was a very busy week, with afternoon meetings and the whirlwind of starting up the new Math program in the Computer lab.
And today? it was raining, perfect for doing some laundry and while vacuuming I found that cleaning the birdcage was in order too.
The bird had other ideas, he found that this day was the perfect day to escape and with a loud "tweeting" (insert a bird version of neenerneenerneener)Mr. Bluewie went flying.
The rest of the afternoon he watched us from high above the curtain rod, every once in a while switching windows.
He will sit on my hand, but as soon as I make a beeline for his cage he laughs and flies of again.
Finally we got him to sit on top of his cage, and there Mister Bluewie remains (until now) we are very hopeful he will get hungry very soon and go inside.

Tomorrow it is Superbowl Sunday, I just googled it, I had no idea who is playing. Oh, well we are just watching for the commercials anyway!

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