Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oooh something shiny!

Fuel efficient

Ha! This one is too good to pass up, a very fuel efficient Hummer. Now where to place that car pool lane sticker?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

socks done, and progress

One new sock in the making, and a pair done! The Portland gussets are done, love them, DH loves them and I think I will knit this pattern again.

The pattern is lovely and easy enough to knit in the car while waiting in the pickup line for school.

if you have an Arachnophobia, don't look!

While having one of these, and chatting with DH in the backyard.
He saw this little fellow crawling around. Of course I had to get my camera from inside and by the time I got back he was almost to far up the wall to catch him with my camera. So I had to gently make him walk down so he could get a decent portrait done by yours truly.

Only got two decent shots, he was quite quick on his eight little legs.

But you have to admit this one is a nice one, a little on the small side, I am still on the lookout for a bigger and slower specimen.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Wednesday laugh

Ha, this one looks just like the pic in my id card. And this one reminds me of DS best friend when he was in second grade (and when I was still young!) he loved pasketti!! we still call Spaghetti, Pasketti.

This evening while having pasketti, DS noted that while DH was eating his, he had a little "Schmutz" on his face.
He almost choked laughing. Question remains, where does DS get those comments from?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


We had a really nice and warm day today, just perfect, not to warm, not to cold.
Please weatherman, let it be like this the whole summer.
And just because I can, a few more of the macro pictures. Any guesses what this is??

Only one and a half more weeks to go and then we have spring break, we are so looking forward to this. A whole week of doing nothing (besides the normal chores of course)
DS doesn't know it yet but I am planning to increase his chores with some serious car washing and weed pulling during that week. That leaves me about a weeks' time left to build up some thick skin against all the arguments we have to endure with topics known to every parent.
There is of course the "Why-do-I-have-to-do-EVERYTHING" argument, and the ever popular "I-am-a-kid-you-know-and-I-need-to-enjoy-childhood" with a happy dose of mumbling just loud enough one can hear it.
Oh, the joys of the teenage years!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bugs are fun

Crawling around in your backyard is fun, look at the amazing little everyday critters I found.

Still could not find a nice cooperative spider, but I can be patient.
I have had this lens for a couple of years and every once in a while I take it out and re-discover how much fun Macro lenses are.
P.S. No bugs were harmed in the making of these pictures!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

about a birthday and some food

Somebody celebrated his birthday last week, of course he feels older and wiser now (cough, cough) and his parents just feel older.
We went out for dinner that night, his choice of course, he announces happily that he is a "meat-a-tarian", Tacos with steak having his preference.

Playing around with my macro lens, here is the yarn I am working with.

And here the food I had for lunch,

And here one of our dinner ingredients.

While doing some spring cleaning yesterday I was heavily distracted by this. Live owl cam, her name is Molly and today the first egg came out and we met Max, the owlet.
Still in debate if the owlet is "cute".
Cute or not it is amazing to watch and there are still 4 more eggs to hatch.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Fence close up

OK, just because it was fun playing with the lensbaby, here a few close ups of our fence. I really like the colors, looks kinda Orange to me and everybody knows what my favorite color is!!

And a flower just for fun.

Just came back from Spanish lessons, funfunfun, we learned all about numbers and body parts today. They gave us a paper with a little doll (looks like the gingerbread man from Shrek) and we had to draw the parts our teachers where naming in Spanish. No need to say that fun was had by all and the doll now has the glorious name of Paco!
We also got to play with Rosetta stone, no need to say I love this program, we have it in the English version at our site.
If I had the chance (and boatloads of money) I would buy one for me, maybe in another interesting language like Mandarin Chinese.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Backyard adventures

It is time for the annual "look-the-trees-are-blooming" post. This afternoon I sat outside, knitting of course and listening to a podcast or two. I have a serious case of startitis, and have cast on for two projects in the last two days. One is the Alpine Lace scarf and the other is this pair of socks, a b-day gift (Thank you!! Knitterlines) the pattern is called The Portland Gusset.
Here are the garden pictures from today, look the trees are blooming.

And who knew that the weeds in our garden could be so pretty.

I was crawling around in the garden hoping to find some nice spiders to photograph with the macro lens. No success in hunting, I think they are all hiding when they saw me crawling around again. Luckily the neighbors are used to it by now when I am "on the prowl" with my camera.

To my dad, Kijk pa, deze keer niet allemaal foto's van "goedjes" en "jurkjes".

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knitting Saturday fest

Weekend, Saturday, sunshine, friends and lots of yarn could it be any better?? (note I did not mention the drinks, ahum) And there was a lot of laughter too!
And some brought even there spinning wheels over, I am really reluctant to come even near these, who knows I might find the smell of wood and wool so good that there is another addiction that I really don't need.

Oh, and show and tell, as always it is so much fun to see what other people make, ooooh and aaaah over it!! These are all the work of Imknits. Wow!! (see the color theme going here??)

Victoria the dog got to tag along too, here she is trying on a pair baby booties I just knit, while picking out a pattern from a lace book.

And here she is watching me, and making sure that I don't sneak up to somebodies stash and steal all the orange yarn (giggle)

Let's just say I love all of my knitting friends for taking me just the way I am (a tad weird) and for keeping me away from even more Orange yarn. Who needs more orange anyway?? I just started something in Yellow, just as pretty!! There is also something with Rainbow colors and black I really want to start soon.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

natural gas

Wow, what a great commercial!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


Everybody knows that my wish is to have a dog, unfortunately we can not have one (or two) so when I saw this pattern my chance of having one was here. How cute is this, some leftover Noro sock yarn and two evenings work and there she is, my new doggie.

Another hectic week is in front of us, lots of things to do and to go to. Tomorrow night my second Spanish lesson. Ooops, that reminds me I have to do my homework!
In two weeks our DS is having his birthday, he is getting so tall and so "mature". This morning my parents asked him if he already had a girlfriend! What................. excuse me, he is not having girlfriends for another 20 years, just because his parents are not ready for it!! Nor is he getting a drivers licence in a few years. What are they thinking!!
On another note, next week I am starting my knitting lessons in the after school program, looking forward to this. I am even thinking of adding another element, dying their own yarn with kool-aid. From donations and out of my own stash I gathered almost enough knitting needles and practice yarn. I am ready for it, let the fun begin.
(Maybe I need a spinning wheel too, seems fun)

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another one

Finished! Another Helena, this time with a little different lace pattern.
The picture is nor really showing the color well, it is a nice pink and not red. The first sweater was received with so much joy, I decided to make a bigger one for my little niece.

Meanwhile last Friday Megpie and I headed up to Stitches West and had fun smelling the yarn fumes and petting the yarn. Of course I came home with some nice yarn, two balls of Kauni just called out my name.

Now if I only could decide what to knit for the baby shower next Wednesday, nothing pink or girly this time. Boys only.