Sunday, March 21, 2010

about a birthday and some food

Somebody celebrated his birthday last week, of course he feels older and wiser now (cough, cough) and his parents just feel older.
We went out for dinner that night, his choice of course, he announces happily that he is a "meat-a-tarian", Tacos with steak having his preference.

Playing around with my macro lens, here is the yarn I am working with.

And here the food I had for lunch,

And here one of our dinner ingredients.

While doing some spring cleaning yesterday I was heavily distracted by this. Live owl cam, her name is Molly and today the first egg came out and we met Max, the owlet.
Still in debate if the owlet is "cute".
Cute or not it is amazing to watch and there are still 4 more eggs to hatch.

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