Sunday, March 07, 2010


Everybody knows that my wish is to have a dog, unfortunately we can not have one (or two) so when I saw this pattern my chance of having one was here. How cute is this, some leftover Noro sock yarn and two evenings work and there she is, my new doggie.

Another hectic week is in front of us, lots of things to do and to go to. Tomorrow night my second Spanish lesson. Ooops, that reminds me I have to do my homework!
In two weeks our DS is having his birthday, he is getting so tall and so "mature". This morning my parents asked him if he already had a girlfriend! What................. excuse me, he is not having girlfriends for another 20 years, just because his parents are not ready for it!! Nor is he getting a drivers licence in a few years. What are they thinking!!
On another note, next week I am starting my knitting lessons in the after school program, looking forward to this. I am even thinking of adding another element, dying their own yarn with kool-aid. From donations and out of my own stash I gathered almost enough knitting needles and practice yarn. I am ready for it, let the fun begin.
(Maybe I need a spinning wheel too, seems fun)

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anita said...

hihihih hier gaan ze ook gewoon met een paar handboeien om om de verwarmingspijp hoor.
Rijbewijzen, uitgaan, vrien of vriendin No WAY !!!!!

Groetjes Anita