Monday, March 15, 2010

Fence close up

OK, just because it was fun playing with the lensbaby, here a few close ups of our fence. I really like the colors, looks kinda Orange to me and everybody knows what my favorite color is!!

And a flower just for fun.

Just came back from Spanish lessons, funfunfun, we learned all about numbers and body parts today. They gave us a paper with a little doll (looks like the gingerbread man from Shrek) and we had to draw the parts our teachers where naming in Spanish. No need to say that fun was had by all and the doll now has the glorious name of Paco!
We also got to play with Rosetta stone, no need to say I love this program, we have it in the English version at our site.
If I had the chance (and boatloads of money) I would buy one for me, maybe in another interesting language like Mandarin Chinese.

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