Saturday, March 13, 2010

Knitting Saturday fest

Weekend, Saturday, sunshine, friends and lots of yarn could it be any better?? (note I did not mention the drinks, ahum) And there was a lot of laughter too!
And some brought even there spinning wheels over, I am really reluctant to come even near these, who knows I might find the smell of wood and wool so good that there is another addiction that I really don't need.

Oh, and show and tell, as always it is so much fun to see what other people make, ooooh and aaaah over it!! These are all the work of Imknits. Wow!! (see the color theme going here??)

Victoria the dog got to tag along too, here she is trying on a pair baby booties I just knit, while picking out a pattern from a lace book.

And here she is watching me, and making sure that I don't sneak up to somebodies stash and steal all the orange yarn (giggle)

Let's just say I love all of my knitting friends for taking me just the way I am (a tad weird) and for keeping me away from even more Orange yarn. Who needs more orange anyway?? I just started something in Yellow, just as pretty!! There is also something with Rainbow colors and black I really want to start soon.

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CoasterMeg said...

Well, I see that Victoria isn't really a good guard dog, since you DID try to 'steal' all my orange stash! Lovely pictures; I'm about to load mine, too. I love having you in my knitting group. I have the best knitting posse in the world! Thanks!