Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moss Landing

Somebody had his Birthday party today. We took the boys to the open house of the Moss Landing Marine Laboratory. What is better than microscopes, computers and gooey stuff to touch. The gang all happy after a BBQ lunch.
Petting the resident pug complete with tracking device on his back. Makes me think I need two of those to track DH and DS at all time.

Watching life footage of a sea turtle diving and feeding on jellyfish, I am seriously considering switching to this than cable TV, we had a hard time getting the boys to move to the next station.

Touching sea urchins, snails and other creatures is always entertaining no matter what age, and they did not even notice that they where being filmed!
Here they were trying to figure out what miniature fish ear bone belonged to what fish.

And trying to determine what shark eats what by it's stomach contents. No worries people it was all edible jello.

My favorite sea creature looks like it came straight out a computer game. It is a Dumbo Octopus

With lots of dead fish to touch and look at, and no not eat, I do not ever eat fish, don't worry

More pictures tomorrow.

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