Saturday, April 03, 2010

Skew you!

One sock done, of course I had to keep knitting to see how the pattern would turn out.
It is a bit big on my foot, but there is already somebody in this household (not naming any names but we all know who) who wants them when done. For a moment I was afraid there would not be enough yarn and after a quick trip to the scale I learned that there is just enough for the second one. Hence the second color, if I run out it is going to be not that a big of a deal.
I like them a lot, thinking already of a next pair, with some stranded fish or other little figures in it.
Tomorrow it will be a nice relaxing day, it is going to rain (yay) so there is going to be some more reading and knitting, cooking is done, eggs boiled, Easter is around the corner!!

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