Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Skewt up

I Skewt up my sock pattern from last post, first sock is fine.
The second one, well lets just say I was in the "groove" of knitting the foot and just kept going.
It would have fitted that big snowman guy if he would have could feet. Took the sock with me while the car was in for a smog check, sat down and finished the ankle part.
When done with the "you now have twelve stitches between the markers" I stopped to admire my work. Then it hit me, the first one was not that long, and how could there be a mistake in counting?? Duh, I counted the rows on the wrong side of the foot and just kept going.

Oh, well once home I frogged (ripped) back to the correct point, put it back on the needles, put it back in the bag and started a new pair of socks. This pair has pretty flowers on the toes and heel.

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