Sunday, May 30, 2010

About walking and fish

Another very busy week behind us with a three day weekend as a reward! Two more weeks and then there is the long awaited summer break!!

We survived the first year of middle school, and our boy had to be picked up from his much anticipated science camp because he was sick. Turned out he ate something bad, and finally after a few days he is starting to feel better and eat normal again.

My fishies vest is done! Lucky for me it was not so nice weather last week, and I was able to wear it on Thursday. Talking about the weather, I love the rain, but there has to be an end to it. It is almost June and we still have cold weather and are wearing our sweaters and jackets, what's up with that??

The whole week we have been looking at the weather, hoping that it would be dry on Friday for our annual Trod. Turns out the weather was perfect, not to cold and not to hot.
The kids enjoyed themselves and had fun running and walking.

The carnival after the Trod was a big hit with young and old, and by the time I got home I was in need of a nap!

Hooray for the three day weekend!!

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