Monday, June 28, 2010

Just a few more

Just a few more pictures of Stanford, just because I love the place so much. Oh, and BTW, do you know how long a person has to wait in order to make a picture without people in it???

I really like this little sign. Sounds just like me! :)

For now, I am going to sit in the shade. It is way to hot to sit in the sun. Enjoy the little breeze and look at the new Knit picks and Webs catalogues. I might even have a beer, just to celebrate summer and a no-work Monday.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


As it turns out Sunday is the best day to drive to Stanford, why one asks?? You don't have to pay for parking and it is not busy at all. Our main goal was the bookstore of course and a quick research on the web told us it opens at 11 on Sundays. Perfect, we where there just a few minutes after 11, parked the car and walked over.

My back is a bit better, but after a little while I settled down in the upstairs cafe, with coffee and some knitting while the boys did some more browsing the books (and electronics of course)
And yes, I had to start a new pair of socks, just because I did not want to take my signature dpn's (cough cough) somewhere. And I needed a nice and easy car/cafe knit. Anyone need more excuses to start something new??
I did manage to take some pictures on our walk back to the car.
Here are some detail pic's from the campus.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

About gardening and dumb actions.

There has been a lot of sitting instead of doing all kinds of other things the last two days. Reason, I just had to pull that pesky weed from underneath the Apple tree. The branches hang low, it is not that big of a tree and I had to crouch under it to reach. I pulled and pulled and pulled, while listening to my DH who was telling me NOT to do this and wait for him. To late, the thing snapped of and I tumbled backwards.
Years ago we had a car accident and I had a whiplash, not very pleasant and it returns every once in a while.
So I am banned from doing anything (yeah....) until I feel better.

And look, I finished my first Selbudeath sock, one skull chart a day did not totally work out, but I did five in six days, not bad. And I had a little help from my Stitch Counter app, to keep track of my decreases on the leg and toe.
They fit me and DH perfectly. Shown here on DH leg, because taking pictures from ones one leg without bending is not possible with an injured back.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


This video is amazing and so much fun even if you can't understand the German, the music is priceless.

Sorry, could not find the movie on youtube, but here is the link.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Winter knitting

While DS and his friend are playing games on the x-box, I am listening in on their conversations about the game. So much fun to hear them laugh (giggle, but we are not allowed to say that anymore!)
It is sleepover time, so I am going to settle in for a long night of laughing and talking teenagers.

In the mean time I have finished a pair of socks, long overdue in the "need-to-knit-the-second-one" department. And as a reward to myself I could start a new pair.
Selbudeath is the pattern called, raveled here. Summer, the perfect time to knit some warm winter knee highs.

And I have been sewing, fun project, that's all I can say..........

Hey, look it is red, white and blue.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


When gardening this morning I just had to run in and get my camera, up and down the bark of one of our trees where about four snails, some going up and some going down. I did not know snails went up the trees. Not just the bark, no I found a little one all the way up where the first branches begin about 6 feet high.
I know it can't be good if the snails climb the trees, but I kinda like the snails.

Question is are they going to eat the whole tree, or are they just climbing up there with a death wish and be easy bird food??

Beside working in the garden and cleaning out closets, there is also a little sewing going on. No pictures yet, but it involves Red, Blue, white, and Orange!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Did I ever mention....

I would really like to have a dog??
But I got my doggy petting fix today!! Visited these two lovelies this afternoon.
They came to sit with me, played and I even got a nice greeting when we came back from dinner.

Our first week of summer break is almost over, it flew by.
The weather has been very nice, not to warm so we could do some stuff around the house. Cleaned out our closet, donated clothes and toys. And I even did some sewing yesterday.
Planning more sewing tomorrow, I have all kinds of ideas floating around in my head.
And knitting of course. One pair of socks almost done and planning for the next pair!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What do we do the first days of our Summer break?? We are cleaning up the garden.

Not the most fun work in the world, but it has to be done.

DS has been enjoying his free time with the cherished computer time he now has. During school days there is no gaming. He is taking full advantage of not having to read or doing homework.

After all the cleaning and gardening I am itching to climb behind my sewing machine and make something out of Oilcloth. The only challenge to get my little hands on some cheery colored oilcloth.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Single sock

Before starting another sock project, I can't decide on what pattern there are so many to choose from, there is some single sock knitting to do.
The Crocus sock needed a twin so that somebody actually can wear them. Started this afternoon after the usual Sunday chores and just finished the second lace repeat.

Talking about second sock syndrome, this one is not going to have a second one. Started two weeks ago and after knitting 27 hexagons I am calling it quits. The casting on, sewing in ends, casting on again burned me out. Love them, but not enough to knit a second one. Beside that there is the question on how they would feel if you have shoes on?
So this is going to be a Christmas stocking, anyone has purple and pink decorations for Christmas???
Tomorrow our first official day of summer break, we decided that the weekend did not count.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

WWKIPD at the farmers market

Today was World Wide Knit In Public Day, and our group set up knitting at the Morgan Hill farmers market.
For my Dutch friends, it is totally different from the markets we are used to.

But with enough veggies and fruits. I love the fruit, so pretty and tasty.

Who can resist buying some?

And it is Cherry season, but after picking eight pounds and eating it all with only the three of us, I was a little "cherried-out"

But there are Strawberries and peaches.

But wait, we came to sit and knit in public! So that is what we did most of the time and chat of course.
I took the sweater that is going to be DH's if I manage to knit beyond the boring plain stockinette part.
Eventually it will look like this one, preferably before winter starts. But I am not a "one-project-kinda-gal" so it can take a tad longer!
Anyway the sweet pea's in this picture are smelling wonderful, and so is our living room by now.

Here we are knitting away on our projects.

And this is Mia, I think her name fits her like a glove (do you say that about names for dogs?)

Did I ever mention I want a dog?????

Friday, June 11, 2010

School is out!

Summer break is officially here!! After two veryveryvery busy, hectic weeks there is time to relax.
Our fifth graders did a great job during the ceremony, all dressed to the nines, sitting still during the speeches and very eager to join their family and friend afterwards.

I just love the way kids give their own spin to fashion. Pretty dress, but you gotta have the sneakers tied in that special way to give it some extra "uumpf"

DS also had his last day of school, and already had his first pool party. Time flies and before we know it he is in high school. It is so nice to see him grow and at the same time it is a reminder that we are getting older. Before we know it he is going off on his own.
Right now he is happily playing with his X-box and staying up later than on school nights.