Saturday, June 26, 2010

About gardening and dumb actions.

There has been a lot of sitting instead of doing all kinds of other things the last two days. Reason, I just had to pull that pesky weed from underneath the Apple tree. The branches hang low, it is not that big of a tree and I had to crouch under it to reach. I pulled and pulled and pulled, while listening to my DH who was telling me NOT to do this and wait for him. To late, the thing snapped of and I tumbled backwards.
Years ago we had a car accident and I had a whiplash, not very pleasant and it returns every once in a while.
So I am banned from doing anything (yeah....) until I feel better.

And look, I finished my first Selbudeath sock, one skull chart a day did not totally work out, but I did five in six days, not bad. And I had a little help from my Stitch Counter app, to keep track of my decreases on the leg and toe.
They fit me and DH perfectly. Shown here on DH leg, because taking pictures from ones one leg without bending is not possible with an injured back.

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