Friday, June 11, 2010

School is out!

Summer break is officially here!! After two veryveryvery busy, hectic weeks there is time to relax.
Our fifth graders did a great job during the ceremony, all dressed to the nines, sitting still during the speeches and very eager to join their family and friend afterwards.

I just love the way kids give their own spin to fashion. Pretty dress, but you gotta have the sneakers tied in that special way to give it some extra "uumpf"

DS also had his last day of school, and already had his first pool party. Time flies and before we know it he is in high school. It is so nice to see him grow and at the same time it is a reminder that we are getting older. Before we know it he is going off on his own.
Right now he is happily playing with his X-box and staying up later than on school nights.

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