Sunday, June 27, 2010


As it turns out Sunday is the best day to drive to Stanford, why one asks?? You don't have to pay for parking and it is not busy at all. Our main goal was the bookstore of course and a quick research on the web told us it opens at 11 on Sundays. Perfect, we where there just a few minutes after 11, parked the car and walked over.

My back is a bit better, but after a little while I settled down in the upstairs cafe, with coffee and some knitting while the boys did some more browsing the books (and electronics of course)
And yes, I had to start a new pair of socks, just because I did not want to take my signature dpn's (cough cough) somewhere. And I needed a nice and easy car/cafe knit. Anyone need more excuses to start something new??
I did manage to take some pictures on our walk back to the car.
Here are some detail pic's from the campus.

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