Saturday, June 12, 2010

WWKIPD at the farmers market

Today was World Wide Knit In Public Day, and our group set up knitting at the Morgan Hill farmers market.
For my Dutch friends, it is totally different from the markets we are used to.

But with enough veggies and fruits. I love the fruit, so pretty and tasty.

Who can resist buying some?

And it is Cherry season, but after picking eight pounds and eating it all with only the three of us, I was a little "cherried-out"

But there are Strawberries and peaches.

But wait, we came to sit and knit in public! So that is what we did most of the time and chat of course.
I took the sweater that is going to be DH's if I manage to knit beyond the boring plain stockinette part.
Eventually it will look like this one, preferably before winter starts. But I am not a "one-project-kinda-gal" so it can take a tad longer!
Anyway the sweet pea's in this picture are smelling wonderful, and so is our living room by now.

Here we are knitting away on our projects.

And this is Mia, I think her name fits her like a glove (do you say that about names for dogs?)

Did I ever mention I want a dog?????

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