Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last weekend we took of for a few days to explore a little of the California back roads. We headed to Redding, and spend our first night there.
The goal for the next day was Whiskey town lake and Trinity lake.

Let me tell you it was HOT, to warm to do anything and the lady at the breakfast place assured us it was a "mild" summer, with only 101 that day it was not that bad. Really?? Oh, yeah, 118F is kinda normal in summer.

Pffft, we drove around the lake looking for a swimming spot, but the swimming spot we found at Trinity lake did not have any shade. No way we where going to be baked to a crisp. We headed to Weaverville to find out where to go next and to have some coffee and pastries.

We decided to follow the road to the coast towards Cresent City and hike around in the Redwoods and visit some beaches.

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Nicole said...

Lovely pics, and welcome home!