Monday, July 05, 2010

Chores and sewing

This morning was filled with house cleaning chores. Vacuuming and dusting and cleaning the kitchen, you know the usual stuff we have to do if one does not want to live between dust bunnies and stacked dishes in the sink (to name a few)
But halfway through the afternoon I got distracted by my sewing machine and other goodies calling out my name.
I sat outside after dinner and crochet (yes, you are reading this right I tackled the hook) myself a nice pair of Orange earrings.
Now I am hooked (pun intended) to make some more, only problem is that there is only Orange thread this thin in the house.
Gotta have a little field trip tomorrow!

Before I sat outside watching the sun set and crocheting tiny little orange flowers, there was some sewing done.
Two new project bags. These are a big wider that the previous ones I made, love the design of the bags and the way you can carry these around. Don't know if the wider bags are better, I liked the way the smaller one holds the skein. Anyway we'll see (running off to find a new project to knit)

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