Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dinner and a beer

We made it in time for dinner in Fort Bragg, the North Coast brewing company was on our "to go" list.
We ordered the sampler and DH and I shared tasting, of course accompanied by food. We all had the Hamburger, and let me tell you that was the best hamburger we ever had! Our favorite beers after tasting, Le Merle and The Pranqster. Both can compete with the most Belgian beers we love.
Of course we bought some of both of these. Only wish we could buy these locally somewhere!

After dinner we took a stroll around town and did some window shopping.
I might need one of these wigs, totally awesome!!

And they have a real butcher shop here, something I would go to all the time while living in The Netherlands.

And look there is a better name for the "comb over".

And how about "Eggheads" for a restaurant name??

And there was this little store with "Understuff", jokes from DS and DH all around.

After this post we go back to regular "at home adventure" posts.

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