Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Fourth

Happy Fourth of July!! Although we did not go to the parade or fireworks today, we had a fun day of enjoying each others company and a nice BBQ dinner.

We did go for a little drive around the back roads and got out to have a nice coffee.

DS sure enjoys these little outings, my guess is because he loves a strawberry shake and he knows he gets one whenever we get coffee.

When we came back, DH and I settled down in the back yard with some nice knitting and light reading.
Followed by a beer of course!! There is nothing better than a nice cold beer on a warm afternoon!

Tomorrow it is back to a Monday and household chores. We are already entering the fourth week of our summer break. Crazy how fast this goes, and the list for my summer knitting only gets longer and longer.
The Selbudeath socks are almost done, turning the heel on the second one.
I also want to start a new shawl, but what pattern to choose is not really that easy, not to mention there needs to be some toy knitting done just to get it out of my system!

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