Thursday, July 08, 2010

In my system

It had been brewing for a little while, I saw some cute Jewelry somewhere and it had little crochet balls in it.
It sat in my system and the only way to get it out was attempting to make something.
I went "a hunting" for whatever supplies I could find at home (I have a lot, 'ya know, I once worked in a art supply store)
Much to DH and DS delight I rummage to every container and box, found all kind of things but of course not what I wanted, wooden beads.
I ended up making this pair first, not really what I was aiming for and I am not happy with the end result.
Some more hunting and I hit the mother lode, wooden beads in different sizes!! Yessssssssss!!!
So for the next two days I covered a lot of balls with embroidery thread, found myself the laughing stock from DH, DS and visiting teenage friends. Ending up with this song in my head.

I did make two necklaces to sett off all those earrings.

Who would know you can use a doily this way????

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