Sunday, July 11, 2010

Meet Mortimer Moose

A while ago I did some test knitting for Anna who makes wonderful knitted toys. I need to find all the pictures I took then of the knitted "test" toys. By now I have made a backup of my pictures on Cd's and deleted them from my computer.
On Thursday afternoon this came in the mail, with a nice message from Anna thanking me for test knitting. One of the things I did not knit was the moose, I loved the Moose from the minute I saw his picture.
Socks to be where thrown (ahum, gently put down) aside and Moose was in the making.
Under the watch full eye of the black and white tiger of course!

While knitting his name came to me,

Meet Mortimer Moose!

He loves his little bird friends and he loves flowers and trees. He also requested that he could go on a car ride around town.
Maybe tomorrow I will take him out to do some sight seeing around the neighbor hood.

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anita said...

Oh die vind ik leuk, en dan voor kerst de schouw versieren met alleen maar mortimers.