Monday, July 19, 2010

Nothing much

Not much to report in the last few days, we hung around the house and did chores. YUK!! The boys mowed the front lawn and did some weeding while I cleaned and re-arranged the living room. Beside the regular and never ending mound of laundry of course.

This morning we went out for coffee and sat outside in the shade under a nice umbrella and did some people watching. It is hot outside and especially in the afternoon.
DS announced he was bored for the first time this summer break, and I have to admit yesterday afternoon it hit me too. I broke out some socks that I never finished. Don't know why, but a year ago they where started. Knee highs with beads, one almost finished. So I finished the one and started on the second sock, thinking if I do two lace repeats every day the sock should be finished by the end of next week. (fingers crossed, there might be some distraction in the form of little children's socks)

Our dinner tonight was prepared by chef cook DH on the grill tonight.

Just for entertainment, a whirly thing that hangs from our olive tree and a plane flying overhead.

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