Friday, July 23, 2010


I had to find a childhood picture of me for school, there are many, but I don't have them, my parents do. The few I have are from the pictures I inherited from my grandmother. She had a box full of pictures and documents. They ranged from ID cards used during the war, and family members I have never known. I love old pictures, not my old pictures but the really old ones. The ones that colored sepia over the years and have people all dressed up in their best dresses and suits.
But I have this one, I still have the glasses, this is in Kindergarten "Kleuterschool Bruintje Beer".
Ah, the memories....

Meanwhile I finished the first of the little kids socks, these are for Kinley, and have a nice and very stretchy rib. I just love this color and the yarn, so nice to knit with.

I felt they needed a cute gift wrap with a charm.

Here is a look at our dessert from tonight, they are all gone now!!

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Nicole said...

I don't know which I like better... the socks or the dessert! :)