Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Weaverville a fun town to wander around in, if only it was not that warm we would have wandered longer. We looked for a place to get some coffee, saloon sounded good too, but we did not have a horse.

Lovely buildings,

Movie?? Nah, way to early

We found the perfect place, Mamma Llama, no yarn, but the name and the very friendly service pulled us in, and it is true, it is the place to have coffee and something light to eat and yes, the service was very friendly!! We loved it.

Next door was this,

we did not know if we where going to get antique snacks? but the store was full of nick knacks, I would have loved to wander inside and check it all out. But it was to warm and we had a beach calling our name!!

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Nicole said...

Looks like a fun place - I love the name of the cafe you found!