Thursday, July 22, 2010

Yellow and blue

Transparent puzzles is all the rage in our house right now. The second one after the apple is the pyramid. This one is all done by DS in under 45 minutes. He loves it!! I wish they would make bigger ones that keep my men occupied for more than a day.

Mean while I have been doing some beading, happy that I found my bag of seed beads again.
Don't you hate it when you start "organizing" and you organize so well that some things are lost?
I am a master at "oh-I-have-to-save-that-I'll-put-it-here" and than one can never find it again nor does one remember where said "saved" stuff went.
My beads ended up in the most logical place ever, inside a bag with leftover sock yarn (Duh)
I could not resist and started a bracelet.
And I finished the Annis shawl/scarf, very quick knit, took me only three days and that includes blocking, but if I like it??? maybe it is because the yarn, love the color but not the feel of it.

it is long and narrow, I left out the "nupps". Now to find another lacy project that is nice to knit with worsted weight yarn so it is nice and warm in the office when I have to go back to work.

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Nicole said...

Well, *I* think your Annis shawl is lovely! (Of course, I didn't have to knit it with the yarn you're indifferent to, but...)