Monday, August 23, 2010

Butter cubes

On a roll with sock knitting, I started this pair in the car on our way to Crescent City, and finished last night.

These are the cubist socks, pattern found here

Now what pair to knit next?? or finish my gloves??
Yeah, I think the gloves are in order, it is about a 100F still outside and it is almost 7.30
So looking forward to cooler weather!! (oh, and don't forget the rain, I love rain)


Nicole said...

Lovely socks! (Somehow, I knew you'd finish your cubist before I finished mine...)

anita said...

Yep you want rain and i'm getting it, it is raining sinds 6 this morning and it hasn't stopt yet and it won't stop for the next couple of hour's.

So please stop whishing for Rain, because i've had it