Thursday, August 05, 2010


Finished my Minty Marlene socks last night. One more pair done before winter starts. By that time I should have a nice batch of socks to wear (if I hide them properly)
For now it is still "no-socks" in shoes wearing time, and what better excuse to not wear them than at the beach?? And that is just what we did today!!

This time I did not lay down on the concrete in the backyard to make artsy pictures of my feet, the first one I did myself sitting on a chair.

And the second one was taken by DS, who lately has shown an interest in taking pictures also. Only I am very reluctant to loan him my camera (it is like an attachment of myself), maybe it is time to think about some Christmas presents???

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Nicole said...

Lovely socks! I know I saw them last night, but they turned out great!