Thursday, August 05, 2010

Fishy trip

We started early this morning and drove towards Carmel after coffee and hot chocolate at the Barnyard, we headed over to the beach.

When it was lunchtime we headed over to Moss Landing, looked around a bit, only a bit, it is after all a tiny place.

And to the boys surprise I suggested this place for lunch.

I can hear a gasp coming from the people who know me. I do not eat fish, never!! I hate it, if you have ever seen anybody getting green around the nose only by the mere thought of it, you are looking at this girl.
But I was brave today, I actually ate the burger I ordered while the boys were eating something fishy.

While waiting for our food, DS checked out the home prices in the area.

He was shocked when he saw the prices......

our food came, look fishy stuff

Hey, that is my burger!

We strolled to the back of the restaurant where you can go onto the beach, walked around a little bit more and headed home.

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