Saturday, August 21, 2010


School has begun, both for me and DS. For him two days after I started. He came home on Wednesday lugging a big bag of books. And his math book came with a little surprise from the previous "owner". What also came this week where the CST scores (California State Test) DS came close to the perfect 600!! (I think a bit of bragging is in place here)
DS is very pleased with his classes, the teachers and most important lots of his friends are in the same Acc classes.

My cute little nephew is also going to school, this Monday is his first day. I could not resist knitting him a pair of socks with a little pocket so he can keep his little treasures safe! Hopefully they fit!! This pair will make their way to The Netherlands soon, so he can wear them.

Of course there is some more winter knitting going on, only everything is halfway done.
One glove, from this lovely pattern.

And half a cardigan for my little niece. Knitted in one piece side to side, very interesting. I am knitting the 18 months size, hopefully she will still fit in it when it is done.

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anita said...

I love the cloves, Mr K will love the socks and Ms K will fit in her cardigan.