Sunday, September 05, 2010

Bright Black

My first cuff (part 1 of the mystery sock) is done. After a bit of a debate between black or white beads, clearly to see in the picture, I went for the white beads.
Now knitting with black yarn, especially at night is not that great, one can hardly see what a knit or a purl is and I have to knit purely by counting.
Sooooo, I came up with a bright solution.

Knit a penguin instead.........

Most of these pieces where knitted up last night, except for the head which was completed this morning. And yeah, me being the queen of bright ideas, what color is a penguin mostly????
knitting with teeny tiny needles did not help either.

Oh well, for good measure I threw in two cupcakes yesterday afternoon.

Now back to assembling the little fellow, before it gets dark.

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