Wednesday, September 01, 2010


The busy life has resumed, work for me and school for DS is taking up all our time again.
Gone are the lazy days of sitting and knitting in the garden. Although we have this Monday off and I am looking forward to an afternoon of knitting or crafting.
That will be the last free day until Thanksgiving, and that seems so far away now.
DS likes his teachers and his schedule, and he has lots of homework, and reading for AR points to do.

My work is crazy as ever, more work for less people, I wish there would be more time in my day to finish all the items on my to-do list. But on the upside days fly by and most important I love my job.
September started and I decided to enter in two (!) KAL, one for socks and one for stranded mittens. The sock one is only for black or white yarn and beads. I still have not made up my mind what combo to go for. I might pick up some white beads with the black yarn and start tomorrow. I have a feeling the black on black might get lost in the pattern.
Clue one was released at midnight and I already printed it.

While the summer almost ends, our olive tree is full of olives, and the last two of our apples on our tree are to high to be reached. Darn, this weekend I will schlep the ladder out of the garage and get those. They are really good, crispy and tart, just the way we like them.

Off to bed now, do some reading and have a good nap to be ready for another day!!

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anita said...

You could take the tree down than you can reache them