Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hawaii day

Friday was 'Hawaii spirit day" at school. Everybody dresses up in Hawaiian shirts, and other related attire. Now I do own a shirt for this yearly recurring day, but my Lei that is a different story. I usually keep all the accessories in my office so I don't have to take them home and forget about them. My Lei from last year was taken apart sometime during the winter months because I was in need of some very thin metal wire. I can't even remember why we needed it, but it had to do with something around Christmas time.

So I used my supply of silk (ahum) flowers for some Dress-up attire.
This pretty pink one turned into an hair decoration using some leftover beads, wire and a hair thingie (is there a proper word for these double sided forks?)

Voila! and it made me sing this song the whole day!!

A bracelet of flowers was next, just used a bunch of these, that I pulled from their little green plastic and wire stems.

Fall is so much better than summer, I am always looking forward for the cooler weather (insert evil grin from the weather man this weekend) It did hit a nice and toasty 105F today and yesterday, and it is going to stay like this for the next few days. It is even to hot to knit outside in the shade.

Our natural air conditioning did not kick in last night, and we sat outside for a long time.

On to a very busy week at work, we keep telling ourselves that it will slow down eventually, but that is wishful thinking!!

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Nicole said...

Ooh, I love your bracelet! Fabulous use of silk flowers. I don't know that I would have the patience to make my own... I'd go shopping for a lei instead.