Friday, October 22, 2010

22 leaves

Sometimes colors can seem really different when acquiring yarn from the World Wide Web, I thought I was buying a nice dark blue. But when it came it was purple.......
A pretty heather purple, but not really my color. It sat in my stash for the longest time and then someone joked I knit her something purple, knowing that I don't "do" purple.

I did knit something, it was a quick and easy knit and a lovely pattern.

Right now the shawl is on its' way to a cruise, who knew, from a plastic bin to a cruise! And I hear it already served its purpose of keeping warm in drafty places.

Now on to more gift knitting!!!


Nicole said...

It's lovely! She's a very lucky gal. :)

CoasterMeg said...

I am woefully delinquent in reading your blog, so it's taken me this long to say 'thank you' again. The shawl is truly lovely and did, indeed, protect my delicate shoulders & arms from drafty restaurants and casino bars. (I think it may also be a magically charmed shawl, too - I hit a couple of jackpots for a total of about $450 while wearing it! So extra special thank you for its beauty and its luck!