Sunday, October 17, 2010

Olallieberry pie

Last Thursday, our first grade classes went on a field trip to Gizdich ranch. That means only one thing Olallieberry pie!! These are the best EVER!! no kidding.
One of the parents was so incredibly nice to bring me a pie. All I can tell you that it did not made it home whole. It was just to tempting to take a piece right when it came in. Did I mention it did came right out of the oven and was still a little warm??

This is how it looked after the boys cut into it, and the last bite, yum!!

If you are ever in the neighborhood check it out, they have the best pies, not to mention their apple juice (or if you are there try an apple slushie)
It rained today (yay!!) besides watching a fun movie there also was some season related reading, and of course knitting.

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